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A typical class presentation is designed for 50 minutes but can be adjusted for a shorter/longer presentation length, as needed.**

**NOTE: Some topics are designed with a particular classification / year of study in mind, and they will be indicated by parentheses at the end of that topic’s description (e.g. US1100 course and early career exploration, 1st & 2nd year students, etc.). However, all the topics are available for anyone requesting a presentation (whether that be a class, student organization, group event, etc.).


Overview of Career Services

  • This presentation is designed to provide a general overview of the services and resources available to students and alumni, through all stages of their career development. (Recommended for US1100 and all other class levels)

Career Development/Exploration 

  • This presentation outlines the career decision-making and planning processes, as well as the role an academic major can play in achieving life-long career success. (Recommended for US1100 and early career exploration) 

Translating Marketable Skills  

  • This presentation is designed to discuss the skills valued by employers that can be applied in a variety of work settings including interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skills areas. These skills can be either primary or complementary to an academic major and are acquired by students through education, including curricular and extracurricular activities. The Texas State online "marketable skills search" tool for each major area of study will also be discussed. 
    (Recommended for US1100 and all other class levels -- NOTE: presentation can be targeted to specific degrees as well.)

Creating Resumes and Cover Letters

  • This presentation is designed to share tips for writing an effective resume and cover letter, while also sharing a general overview of the purpose and importance of these two career documents.

Professional Image

  • This presentation will discuss how a person’s professional image can be conveyed by the way a person dresses, how they respond to others, professional habits and work ethic, as well as their online image/brand.

Networking and Making Career Connections

  • This presentation is designed to discuss the power of networking and utilizing tools/tips to showcase the best self, like in an informational interview, and being prepared to make a good impression.

LinkedIn and Social Media *

  • This presentation will discuss: 1.The benefits of having a complete LinkedIn profile and establishing a presence on the world's largest professional network on the internet, 2. How the platform can help connect a student with career opportunities by showcasing their unique professional story through experience, skills, and education, 3. How to use the tools on LinkedIn to build a professional network, 4. The issues and concerns regarding social media and cleaning up any “digital dirt”, and 5. Launching a professional image and personal brand, as it relates to the job search process.
  • * Note: this is not a workshop designed to be a how-to create/setup a profile on LinkedIn.

Internships and Other Experiential Opportunities

  • This presentation is designed to provide an overview of the benefits for students pursuing experiential opportunities, such as internships, volunteer work, research, and job shadows.  Steps involved in identifying, applying for, and making the most while participating in these opportunities will also be discussed.

The Job-Search Process

  • This presentation is designed to provide a general overview of the current, online job-search process, share tips regarding the right preparation, and discuss websites to find possible jobs of interest. Online investigation is only one part of a smart job-search strategy, so informational interviewing (i.e. talking to the people who work in the field) and networking will also be discussed.

Using Handshake

  • Handshake is Texas State’s online platform for career opportunities and a job database. This presentation is designed to provide a general overview of this service, discuss the benefits of having a complete profile, and show how to maximize this tool for career exploration and job searches (for on-campus, part-time, or full-time jobs, work study, and internships).

Preparing for a Career Fair

  • This presentation is designed to cover tips on what a student needs to know for in-person, as well as virtual, job fairs - from getting ready for the event, to making a great impression, then following up afterward.

Acing the Interview

  • This presentation is designed to share strategies and best practices to maximize the success of a job interview, whether the interview is by phone, video, or in-person.

Dining Etiquette

  • This presentation is designed to provide a general overview of basic dining etiquette rules to help new professionals smoothly transition into a variety of workplace settings/situations.

Understanding Benefits and Salaries: Realistic Expectations

  • This presentation is designed to provide a general discussion/overview regarding employment benefits, sites/resources for researching job salaries, and how to tackle salary questions on applications or during interviews.

The First-Year Professional

  • This presentation is designed to offer some tips and skills needed to transition from college student to professional, and to discuss/demonstrate how one’s college experience provides numerous opportunities to develop skills that will lead to career success. (Recommended for 3rd & 4th year, and grad students)

Deciding on Graduate School

  • This presentation is designed to address things to consider when thinking about whether or not to attend graduate school, and if doing so, how to decide on a graduate school or program (i.e. type, size, and location of the institution, cost of attendance, quality of faculty, specializations offered, facilities, and environment of the institution), and to discuss some of the steps in the application process.

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