Job Fraud Prevention

If you believe you have discovered a job scam or fraud and would like us to review it, please email the job posting to

What Job Scams Look Like

  • If it feels too good to be true, then it probably is. You have good instincts; trust them.
  • They are asking you to pay a fee to work for them or want you to purchase gift cards using checks they will send you. This is a common job scam. The checks they send you will probably not clear the bank, and you will then be responsible for paying the full amount plus bank fees if you cash those checks.
  • They want your financial account information (credit cards and bank) to get the job started.
  • The job description focuses on "limited positions available," puts pressure on you to "act now," or includes any other pushes of urgency.
  • The emails from the company doesn't match the company website. A professional website doesn't exist or it doesn't look professional (contains many typos, features a lot of ads, etc.).


If the email you received seems to be a legitimate e-mail scam, you should notify

What to Do If You Fell Victim to a Job Scam: