Elevator Speech: Your Tool to Landing an Interview

What is an Elevator Speech?

An elevator speech is a "30-second introduction highlighting your interest, previous experience, and skills with a potential employer or as you are networking with a professional. An elevator pitch should be clear, short and address what you are looking for and the skills you bring to an organization.

Purpose of an Elevator Speech

  • Make a sincere and memorable impression
  • Highlight what you contribute to the company
  • To network with key people in your career field
  • To use at a Job Fair when meeting multiple people quickly over short periods of time
  • To use in an Interview when asked to tell them about yourself

Insider Tips

  • Don't forget to ask for a business card 
  • Use your resume as a guide
  • Highlight your strengths and what you can bring to the employer
  • Close your speech by thanking the person for their time
  • Make sure to change your elevator speech for each person you are speaking with to make it unique and relevant to each position/company.
  • Carry a copy of your speech with you so you can scan it quickly before you enter a job fair or interview.

Elevator Speech Template

Student approaching a recruiter at a Texas State career fair
  1. Hello my name is {full name} 
  2. I am currently a {insert year in school}, majoring in {intended major}.
  3. From the research I’ve conducted on your organization {mention something you’ve learned or something that interests you about the company}
  4. I previously worked at {work experience including part-time jobs or internships}.
    I am also involved with {list any student clubs/organizations, volunteering, leadership experience, sports}.
  5. In addition, I completed an internship with {company / organization} where I {list general responsibilities}.
  6. These experiences have enhanced my {skills and qualities a company would find appealing}
  7. I am interested in learning more about the {list type of job/internship} job/internship with your company.

    *Follow up with a question, but don’t ever ask ‘what does your company do?’

Elevator Speech Examples


“Hi, my name is Boko Bobcat.  I am currently a sophomore attending Texas State University. My major is in Psychology.  I worked part-time with H-E-B through my first two years of college. Last summer, I was an intern at Girlstart in Austin, where I developed an interest in fundraising and event planning.  I am hoping to find a job to utilize my experience at Girlstart and my customer service skills as I transition into a full-time role.  Do you have any positions that align with that area of interest?"

Teaching Position

Hello Mr. Smith, my name is Mary Ann Johnson. I am a new graduate from Texas State University-San Marcos I received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I also received my teaching certificate at the same time.

I am interested in the teaching mathematics to junior-high age students specifically with Algebra, Calculus and Geometry.  My training and education includes four months student teaching at San Marcos High School along with several student observations throughout my four years of undergraduate course work. I also worked as a tutor at the Learning Academy in the evenings and on weekends.

I received the student teacher of the year award and ten of the students I tutored were able to increase their math scores on their TAKS tests by multiple points. I can provide strong team work and a strong work ethic to your school.

Thank you so much for your time today. I hope you have a great afternoon and I look forward to talking with you again soon.