Resume and Cover Letter Class Assignment

We greatly appreciate faculty efforts to incorporate career readiness into their courses. To support our students and alumni who have time-sensitive career needs, we ask that faculty wishing to incorporate a resume or cover letter assignment into their courses follow the procedures below.  This process has been established to help us ensure that all TXST students and alumni are receiving quality and timely feedback on their application materials.  

  1. Fill out the Resume and Cover Letter Class Assignment Request form.  Career center staff will email instructors within two business days to confirm details and timeline of the review process.

  2. Create an assignment in Canvas to collect student materials.  All documents should be submitted as either Microsoft Word or PDF documents.

  3. Download all submitted documents as a ZIP file from Canvas and email that file to

  4. Reviewed documents will be emailed directly to students at the email address provided on their resume. Depending on the size of the class, it may take between 3-10 business days for career center staff to complete reviews.

We encourage course instructors request a class presentation from our office prior to the submission deadline to provide best practices for resume/cover letter creation. If a class presentation cannot be accommodated due to scheduling concerns, resources related to resume and cover letter creation may be found on our website under quick guides.  We also suggest instructors who would like to see the proof of edits make a second assignment on Canvas to collect the edited resumes from students.

Please email us at or call our office at 512-245-2645 with any questions.