Bring a Bobcat to Work!

Become a BOBCATshadow host!

The BOBCATshadow Program connects students with employers, community partners, and alumni for one-day job shadowing opportunities to provide exposure to a wide variety of career fields and industries. BOBCATshadow will take place during scheduled breaks.

Students at Continental during bobcat shadow experience

Employees at Continental in New Braunfels, giving a behind-the-scenes look to an engineering student.


The TXSTshadow Program is a structured matching process that connects students with one-day shadowing opportunities for career exploration and introduction to the world of work. TXSTshadow is not a paid experience for participants. 

Benefits for Hosts include:

Building Your Brand: The TXSTshadow Program introduces students to your organization and its commitment to informed career choices. Upon return to campus, TXSTshadow Student Participants will become an unofficial ambassador for your organization once they are able to learn what it takes to succeed at your organization!

Recruiting TXST Talent:  You may find your next star employee through the TXSTshadow Program! Student Participants who have insider knowledge of your organization will be excited to apply for full-time or internship opportunities within your organization.

Giving Back: Your advice as a professional is invaluable to students wishing to gain information about a career field. 


Hosts must be an approved organization on Handshake. Hosts should have a sense of the specific position(s) or department(s) the student will shadow during their experience.  We recommend that hosts provide lunch to the student(s) but it is not required.

Hosts may participate in both shadow days and take as many students per day as you feel comfortable hosting.  We would recommend no more than 5 per day.


SUMMER SUMMER - August 22 & 23

DEADLINE TO SIGN-UP - Friday, April 30


  • Employer hosts will submit a form to participate and host students on-site in order to shadow a specific role or department within the company.  The Career Services team will work with the host to post the position on the hosts behalf and students will apply through our Handshake system.  Career Services will match students with and communicate those matches with both the student and the host.  

    How many students can we take?  Up to 2 students per day, and you may participate in both days. (For August 2023, hosts can take up to 4 total students in the 2-day shadow experience.)


  • Here is a list of ideas for how to involve your student participant during this experience:

    • Conduct informational interviews with a variety of employees
    • Participate in a guided tour of the facility
    • Attend meetings or organizational events
    • Observe and ask questions while shadowing daily tasks
    • Participate during interactions with clients
    • Meet and greet college hires or current interns
    • Lunch with Alumni at the company
    • Learn about career/internship opportunities within the organization
  • When registering to host a student, you will be asked for the following information:

    • Organization
    • Contact Name, email, phone number & title
    • Description of shadow experience including a preset Agenda
    • Arrival and Departure time of participate
    • Address/Location
    • Parking Information
    • Dress code information