National Student Employment Week

April 10-14, 2023

Annually, during the second full week in April, student employees at universities and colleges across the country are celebrated for their tremendous contribution, hard work, and dedication to the institutions they serve. Below are a few ideas to help you celebrate.

National Student Employment Week graphic stating: time to show just how much they shine; Career Services promotes: April 13-17, National Student Employment Week.

Two student SLAC lab tutors engage in a fun activity.

Monday - The Staff Say Thanks

Print off a large banner celebrating your entire student staff and have all of the staff sign it. Post this banner in a common area where your student employees will see it! Don't forget to encourage your student workers to attend the reception being held in their honor! The Student Employee Appreciation Reception will be held in the LBJSC Ballroom from 5:00-6:30 pm. Light appetizers will be served prior to recognizing the Student Employee of the Year. Student RSVP via Handshake is encouraged. 

Tuesday - Provide a Punny Treat

Donut: We donut know what we would do without you! Candy: Working with you is sweet. Chips: You're all that and a bag of chips! Mixed nuts: We're nuts about you!

Wednesday - Pizza on the Fly

Order pizza to feed your student staff and they can swing by between 11 am-1 pm for a quick slice. If the student is scheduled to work during this time, arrange for them to take a break and enjoy a slice. 

Thursday - Staff Cookie Bake-Off

Staff members wishing to participate bake enough cookies for all student staff to sample them through the day. Student staff vote on the best cookie. Winners can be announced via email or at a special gathering.

Friday - Appreciation Jars

Supervisors set up appreciation jars for each student employee at the beginning of the week. Staff and faculty deposit anonymous compliments to each student. Jars are opened and shared at the end of the week.

Need an Appreciation Certificate?

Let us help!  We have created a "Certificate of Appreciation for Student Employees" which can be shared with your student employees during National Student Employment Week.